God already knows the mistakes you are going to make

Good promises that failure is not the end.  God is holding you in the palm of his hand.  The price has already been paid.  Start believing that God is gonna take care of you and pay your debts.   Manasseh.  When he prayed God heard him and was moved by his prayer..
  You're no worse than Manasseh.  Where sin abounds,  grace abounds much more.  Have you ever asked God to bring you out of your failure.  Shake off guilt.  The accuser(the Devil) wants to remind you of your mistakes. 



Explain the problems both Personal and Societal that results from Obesity. My take.

Obesity has been on the rise in America for the past thirty or forty years.  It is becoming epidemic.  Young children are beginning to become obese at young ages.  There are many problems that develop from being obese.

Personally a person can be shunned,  although racism and ageism and various forms of discrimination are becoming extinct. People think it is still okay to make fun of obese people. It's not true though.  It is not okay Obese people are still people and deserve the same rights and protection that a smaller person deserves.  Bullying is real in this world and targets people for their differences.  When you are overweihgt it is such an obvious reason to bully someone; however unethical it may be.  Children who are obese become quick targets for their peers.

Secondly, a person can have medical problem resulting from being obese, including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Now it is a fact that when you have more weight on you you can be more apt to having health problems.  It is also obvious in our society too.  The size of our waist bands and the rise in Diabetes diagnosis are connected and climbing at the same rate.

Also, a person can start to feel bad about themselves when they are obese. This is body image problem that can occur for various reasons.  The  first and most significant is the obsession Americans have with the thin, almost boyish, little girl looks that are portrayed in the magazines, television, and movie screens. 

Societal effects are a rise in health care bills and medical care.  We can spend millions upon millions of dollars on healthcare and medical care and medicine.  It puts a strain on the fiscal budget of all people

the society becomes less social and stagnant.  Obese people are known to be couch potatoes,  they don't exeercise as much as a thin person,  except for a very few who have conditions which prevent them from burning calories properly.  Other than that if you are obese,  Let's face it we just don't move our bodies or exercise as we should which leads to social isolation, sitting on the couch or behind the computer,  eating unhealthy foods and beverages

Also in the workplace, employers can be less inclined to hire obese people due to thier feeling that obese person will be less productive.  It may not be true but that is the perception.
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Who makes a better leader? Someone who is loved or someone who is feared?

I believe someone who is loved makes a better leader than someone who is feared.  Some people like to think that if you don't instill some type of fear into people that they won't get results from people, but I beg to differ.  It underestimates the people you have working for you.  Besides who wants to work for a tyrant who doesn't care about them.  Look how that worked out for Hitler,  sure he killed a million something Jews getting people to do his bidding using his fear based model of leading.  I implore employers who are thinking of using this model to lead to consider the outcome.  In this way you will not be able to trust those under you.  Unless you are standing over them with the fist for every move, then you may not be getting as much done as you think.

On the other hand  if you have a relationship with those under your command and they care about you and your well being,  then you will have happy productive people who will work hard for you,  you may not have to stand over them for every task.  They are self motivated and accomplish task without fear of being disciplined.  I think this principle works well for children too.  Granted the child already has a bond with parents.  but if parents rule with love and respect. the child will be self motivated and their self esteem will remain intact. 
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Cardinals Game at the Beauty shop

Marcella, Kara, and I went to the Cardinals game last night,  we has so much fun,  Box seats,  free parking,  free food,  great seats,  and great company,  great view.  We couldn't contain ourselves we had so much fun.  Thanks Marcella for inviting me to the game.  It took us two hours to get there.  There was so much going on downtown.  The Taste of St.Louis was downtown,  The Gateway Classic,  there was a Blues game too,  streets were blocked off.  It was crazy.  We took Olive most of the way down there,  then we were on the highway for a little bit.  I had trouble convincing Kara to let me drive too.




One thing that was interesting is that when I told Greg I was going to the game he didn't trip.  He didn't blink.  I said to him,  I have this great opportunity to go to a Cards game tonight,  do you mind if I go?   And he was cool.  I was shocked.  And now I'm at the beauty place trying to get beautified. 




The last post was about my headache.  I realized my headache was caused by caffeine.  I hadn't had any caffeine that day.  I really have to get off the caffeine.


 Btw the cards win,  a are the division champions,  We're in the playoffs.Woo-hoo.


Okay so now I'm at the
Shop trying to decide if I want to get a relaxer or continue trying to go natural.  I think my natural hair will be more healthy if I let it stay natural,  but I'll be ankle to do more with it if I do the 'creamy crack'.  I decided to get it pressed today and decide later if I want to continue this journey back to my roots.


And one last thing about my husband,  he bought am I phone yesterday while I was at the game.  *shocked* and he put it on my bill.  Who does that?

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I woke up with the worst headache,  I normally do not get headaches  so this is weird.  My hubby says I may have sleep apnea because I snore   anyway I feel bad,  yesterday I worked.  It was bad.

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Surprise He has the day off

Okay today I woke up and my husband was on his way to work,  I look up again and he's walking through the door talking about what you wanna do today.  I said I thought you went to work.  He said he got there and Joyce was already working.  He was happy to be off anyway.  He's been tired lately.


So I got up we went to first watch I had the Bubbas Benny breakfast and he had the Works omelet.   After that we went to Creve Coeur Lake we sat by the beach and took a few pictures;  the weather was so perfect.  then I have to go to the bathroom and then we stop by the library,  went to CVS Pharmacy and pick up our medicine and we went to get the car cleaned.  I really really enjoyed his company today it was great.

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Concert in the park

Well yesterday I went to the park by myself kara didn't show up I was all alone. I made watermelons and cookies and I had potato chips and lime a ritas.  Still had a good time even though Kara didn't show up.  there was music and a bubble machine and a pig races in lotsa games and I got to pet a snake and the Soulard blues band was there.  The sunset was beautiful. the sunset was beautiful even though it was a little bit chilly um I brought two lawn chairs one for me and one for Kara  of but she didn't show up.


When they said pig races I thought they meant actual pig races but when I got there I saw like stuffed animal teddy bear pigs it was funny. I got my face painted with the little purple butterfly pink and purple actually it was so cute.

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Late being picked up

I'm sitting here waiting for my husband to pick me up from work its 730.   I just got in contact with him and he said he was upstairs sleeping what the hell.
Anyhoo I just wanted to update everybody.  Tomorrow is the big day we're going to the Fall Festival in the park, I hope everybody can show up.  I'm planning on baking some cookies and making some sandwiches and bring in some soda and beer its going to be a blast; Oh and I better not forget the watermelon and fresh fruit. 
Today work was cool we had two nurses and 2cmt.  I just found out that the moon is beautiful tonight its a Harvest Moon low in the sky big and bright that's going to be awesome tomorrow night.  There's gonna be music and games.  I'm going to enjoy my husband,  hopefully.   I have to learn to appreciate the good things that I have in my life.   :-P

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Car Trouble Loan

Today was a blur,  I went to the library and took care of some business,  some change of address and some school stuff and done personal and party stuff.  Just getting my life on order.  Meanwhile the car wants to overheat,  but I called and asked Greg if he wanted me to put in shop,  he said no.  We may have it in there by Monday,  that would be great.
I may be going back to school.  Big step especially with all the drama going on at work.  I mean with the new boss and Dave being gone,  Morale is really low at work.  No one liked Brenna except the new people she brought with her.  And seems like there are so many changes no one can keep up.  And Dave was so helpful and Brenda is so Not.  She had her own agenda which seems to be the same agenda a Kathy's.  Some people think they must be fucking each other.  The truth will come out.

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